a. Raid on the Niger River, from Bamako to Timbuktu – 1000km in Jet Ski and boat, sponsored by MASA+, Mali 2005.

Bamako Timbuktou Raid 2005 sponsorship1 Bamako Timbuktou Raid 2005 sponsorship3 le vieux pont sur le niger

b. Sponsorship of a cultural event for maintaining Malian collective memory through their ‘’Griot’’ ethnic group. 
We sponsor this event held in Kita yearly, since 2004.   

Cultural event in Kita

c. Cycling events, tour of Mali – we sponsored the event and had our own team in 2006. 

MASA+ Cycling team1 Cycling event sponsoring1

d. Football tournament events sponsored by MASA+ in Bamako and Koulikoro every year.

MASA+ soccer team1

eMaxi Vacances: Annual summer show that unites artistic troupes, coming to perform in dance, choreography and costumes…  
The show also includes a question-answer competition between students of various faculties and is TV broadcasted.

Maxi Vacances2

f. Sponsor of the Cauris festival (Festicauris- Art and Divination) in Siby, Mandé since 2009.

g. Sponsor of the multicultural event of Bancoumana, the festival of Djitoumou and the annual traditional fishing of San (Sanké mô).