About Us

Following the success of the battery manufacturing company Omnium Mali SA, the idea of creating the capital investment company Omnium Invest SA was born.

Omnium Invest S.A. was founded in 2011 in Bamako, Mali and benefited from the experience and record of accomplishments of Omnium Mali SA (created in 1996).   

Omnium Invest SA shares the same management team and the same head office that Omnium Mali SA. The company’s interest lies in the design and development of investment projects.

The synergy between the two organizations makes it possible to share management costs and to benefit from a solid management team that understands all the realities.

The management team has experience in all management areas: purchasing, logistics, labour force, training, production management, sales force, marketing, management control and finance, law, administration, customs, and risk management.

Omnium Invest SA Holdings

Omnium Mali SA 78.17%
Power pro 24.5%
Energy + 100%
Mali SHI 58.5%